Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

Ease Your Back Pain Naturally With These 3 Tips

Julio Carr

Having back pain over a period of time can be a frustrating experience. While you can get pain medication to handle your back pain, you may not want to take medication all the time or deal with any side effects. That's why it's important to know how you can ease your back pain naturally. Here are some suggestions you can use to soothe your back, without interfering with any medication you may be taking.

Change Your Diet

You may not associate what you're eating with the pain you're feeling in your back, but the truth is that you very well may be eating things that make your back pain worse. Potatoes, peppers and other "nightshade" plants can cause some people discomfort in their joints and back, for example. If you have food allergies you don't know about, they can have an inflammatory response in your body that contributes to back pain.

What should you be eating, in that case? It is best to focus on vegetables and fruits that are unlikely to give your body an inflammatory reaction. Cut back on processed foods, carbohydrates and meats, and see how you feel. You may discover that your back starts to feel better when you focus on natural foods that are good for you.

Lose Weight

Once you get your diet under control, you might also want to start working on losing weight. This can be an important task if you want your back to feel better. The more fat you have, the more your body has to work to support all the weight on your frame. That can stress your back over time.

To lose weight, try exercise. You may want to avoid exercise if your back hurts, but there are some low-impact things you can do that won't hurt your back further. Yoga, water exercise and walking can help knock off pounds without hurting your back.

Stop Carrying that Heavy Purse

If you are a woman, you know how easy it is to have a heavy purse. Over time, you may not notice how heavy it is. However, that heavy purse might be contributing to the pain you feel in your back. Switch out that large purse for a smaller one so that it is impossible to overload it too much.

Make sure you try all the tips in this article so you can experience some relief of your back pain. Talk to a doctor at Allegheny Brain And Spine Surgeons about more ways you may be able to help your back to feel better.


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Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

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