Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

Stair Chair Lift Safety Instructions

Julio Carr

Stair chair lifts are a great tool for helping seniors who want to remain independent, because they enable seniors to navigate staircases in their own homes. However, stair chair lifts are only an acceptable tool if they're used safely. These tips will help you use your stair chair lift properly and ensure that your lift doesn't become a safety hazard to you or others you love.

Keep the Key Away from Children

Many stair chair lifts come with a special key required to turn the lift on. Don't allow children to play with the key, and don't keep the key any place where children can access it without your permission. Keep the key in a safe place at all times, either on your body or in a purse or wallet that you carry with you.

Don't Allow Children to Play with the Stair Chair Lift

Just as children should not play with the key, they should also be kept away from the lift itself. Never allow children to play with the lift. If you need to ascend or descend the staircase while children are in the house, keep the children off the staircase while the lift is in use.

Train your Pet to Stay Out of the Way

Children aren't the only hazard that can get in the way during operation of the lift. Pets can get in the way of the stair lift just as much as children, if not more so. Train your pets to stay off the stair case while you're using the lift. If your pets have a hard time staying away from the lift, get a behavioral specialist to train your pet the appropriate behavior.

Use the Seat Belt

Many stair chair lifts come with a seat belt that helps keep the user in the chair without falling. Like the seat belts found in cars, the seat belts on stair lifts help save lives. If your stair chair lift comes with a seat belt, use it every time you ride in the unit.

Tuck Away the Cord

Although some lifts are wireless, many lifts draw power simply by plugging into the wall. On these lifts, the cord can present a tripping hazard if not tucked away properly. Have the cord hung up against the wall during installation to ensure that it doesn't cause anyone to trip.

Following these safety tips and procedures will help you and your loved ones be safe around your stair chair lift. For more safety tips, contact the company that installed the lift. For more information, contact a company like All-Star Lifts.


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Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

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