Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

Reduce Your Infertility Issues by Reducing Your Exposure to Environmental Toxins

Julio Carr

Dealing with infertility issues can be a very frustrating and trying experience. Often times, many medical professionals focus just on your reproductive system when addressing infertility. However, as all the systems of your body work together, addressing your other body systems, such as your digestive system and immune system, may help you with your infertility issues as well. Exposure to environmental toxins can negatively impact your digestive system, immune system and your reproductive system. Here are three changes you can make to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins and help your body out at the same time. 

#1 Change the Food You Eat

The first thing you need to do is reduce your exposure to environmental toxins you encounter through your food supply. These everyday toxins are not fatal, but can negatively impact your digestive and immune system, and may be compromising your fertility. 


The first thing you need to do is make sure that you wash all your food, and stick to fruits and vegetables that are grown without pesticides. Purchase meats that are free of pesticides as well. Try to keep your food as natural and pesticide-free as possible. 


Harmful chemicals and substances can be found in your tap water. The best way to reduce your exposure to these harmful chemicals and substances is by filtering all of the water that you drink. You can reduce your exposure by using a dual filtration water system on all of your water outlets in your home. You should even filter the water in your shower. 

#2 Change the Chemicals You Clean With  

Next, cut down and eliminate your exposure to all household chemicals. For instance, formaldehyde is found in many air fresheners and floor polish. Try to use natural cleaners in your house, such as baking soda and vinegar, instead of chemical cleaners. This will reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals while you are trying to get pregnant.

#3 Change the Air Fresheners You Use

For air fresheners, use natural methods instead of store bought and commercial produced air fresheners and candles to make your home smell good. Air fresheners and candles can release chemicals into the air that you don't need to be exposed to, like formaldehyde. Freshen your house with flowers and natural sprays instead. 

Reducing your exposure to environmental toxins will not solve your infertility issues; however, it should help improve your reproductive and overall health. For more tips on what other environmental factors may be affecting your fertility, consider speaking to a local OBGYN, such as All Women's Healthcare.


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Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

As an elderly care worker, I have witnessed the deaths of many individuals. I have seen family members become angry, sad, and completely silent at the end. I have also seen individuals refuse to see family members out of denial. People deal with death in different ways, and the strong emotions are often unfamiliar and scary. If you have a parent or grandparent who is elderly, then I want to share with you what I know about end of life care and dying process. We are a society that does not talk about death, and this can cause great pain when a family member dies. Learn about the process and find out how to deal with your own emotions and how to love your family members at the end. If there is only a small amount of time left, then I want you to cherish the final moments.