Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

Breast Surgery Surgeons Perform A Variety Of Reconstructive Procedures For Breast Cancer Patients Following Mastectomy

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Breast reconstruction to recreate your breast through surgery is an innovative technology that breast surgery surgeons use to replace tissue you've lost during mastectomy surgery. Cancer cells that have metastasized throughout your breast require surgical removal of the breast. Breast reconstruction of your choice can be performed when the breast is removed. You also have the choice of delaying reconstruction until you're psychologically and medically ready for the procedure.

Creating Nipple

Your reconstruction surgeon and you have different operation techniques from which to choose in rebuilding your breast mound and recreating the nipple as well. Should you require nipple reconstruction, you'll be well informed about nipple sparing mastectomy or areola-sparing mastectomy, since different techniques will be applied in either of those two choices.

Types Of Reconstruction

For reconstruction to occur, your surgeon uses distinctive reconstruction methods that may be tissue-based or expansion-based. Within the choices, you may be offered any of a subgroup of pedicled flaps that include latissimus flap, TRAM flap or free TRAM flap. Yet another type of flap choice is called autologous pedicle flaps. Pedicle flaps mean the blood supply to a grafted flap remains attached during the grafting process. You may be a candidate for autologous pedicled flaps, which means your surgeon will be using tissue, skin, muscle or fat by grafting the choice from another area of your body.  

Tissue Expander

Be aware that you may need to have a temporary tissue expander placed after the mastectomy to accommodate a permanent breast implant, if that's your choice. It must correspond to the size of your removed breast. Following cancer surgery, your surgeon would then create this temporary device. It's created from a silicone shell and filled with salt water. During your outpatient visits after surgery, saline is used to fill up the tissue expander. This activity stretches the muscle and skin to a volume that your surgeon deems to be acceptable. The activity continues for approximately one to two months.

Reconstruction Choices Based On Your Body Type

Your surgeon will use your unique choice of surgical method that is best for your body type while taking into consideration your aesthetic preferences and needs. Your plastic reconstruction surgeon's goal is to return your breast form to the full-bodied good breast health that you had prior to cancer diagnosis and subsequent removal of your breast. The entire process of breast reconstruction options will be thoroughly outlined during your consultation appointment before you undergo mastectomy surgery.

Speak with reconstructive surgeons in your area to learn more.


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Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

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