Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

How Real-Ear Measurements Help Teachers With Hearing Aids

Julio Carr

Hearing aids should provide teachers with a better range of listening that makes it easy for them to help their students. Unfortunately, there is a chance that your hearing aid may fit improperly and cause complications that affect your students even more than you. As a result, real-ear measurements may be necessary.

Improperly Fit Hearing Aid Issues May Trigger Problems

When you get a hearing aid, your doctor takes a look at your ear and gets a basic idea of the measurement to ensure that your aid fits comfortably. However, there is a chance that they could get this wrong for a few reasons. First of all, they may not take into account every element of your ear. Even worse, your ears may have differences in their look that make them unique.

Unfortunately, this may mean that your hearing aids sit poorly in your ears or provide weak hearing support. In this situation, you might miss out on misbehaving students in your class or run into other complications with managing your teaching. This problem could cause a student to think you're picking on them or even affect their chances of educational success. Thankfully, real-ear measurements can help.

How Real-Ear Measurements Help

If you're worried that your hearing aid fits poorly and is affecting your teaching, you should visit your ear doctor and talk to them about real-ear measurements or REM. This option is something that many doctors suggest all people who get hearing aids should receive. Unfortunately, only 30 percent of those getting hearing aids get this type of measurement, for a variety of reasons that may affect their hearing.

However, getting REM for your hearing aids will provide you with a more accurate understanding of the shape of your ear and the way that this shape affects your overall hearing aid fit. Just as importantly, this step will ensure that you spot any problems that could affect how your hearing aid fits into your ear, such as differences between the size of one ear and the other that could change your measurements.

So if your hearing aid feels improperly fit and you're worried about how this could affect your ability to teach, you should seriously consider REM today. This option is one that you can ask your doctor about before your treatment. They will give you advice and suggestions about how to prepare for this procedure and the various ways that you can improve your hearing.


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Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

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