Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

  • Is It Hard To Leave Your House? Learn The Pros And Cons Of At-Home Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy can be used to strengthen muscles and joints following an injury. This is typically done at a physical therapist's office, a place that vaguely resembles a gym. However, for some people, leaving the house and going to a physical therapist's office one or more times a week can be hard. You may be unable to drive because of your injuries, you may hate driving in snowy conditions, or it may take a long time to get out of your house while using a walker or wheelchair you are not accustomed to using.

  • 3 Foods That Fight Eczema From The Inside Out

    If you suffer from eczema, then you may know that it can be triggered by outside elements, such as hot water and dry air. However, you may not realize that what you eat can affect your eczema, as well. Not only can locating your personal foods that trigger eczema flare-ups and taking them out of your diet help, but adding the right foods to your diet can help reduce flare-ups, too.

  • Why You Should Talk To Your Pharmacist

    For many people, the pharmacist is the person among the pill bottles that they rarely speak to, even when given the chance. Most often, you go into the pharmacy and pick up your prescription from a tech or cashier and then leave, exchanging minimal information. When you get home, you may not understand all the directions and warnings on the bottle. To prevent confusion, you need to use pharmacists as the knowledgeable and helpful resource that they are.

  • 3 Back-Saving Tips For Chopping Wood This Spring

    It's no secret that splitting wood is great exercise, and can be a fun way to get some much-needed firewood in a fun and active way. With every spring comes all of the necessary yard work to recover from what can be a tough winter on your yard, especially if you lost a tree to high winds or snow and need to turn it into kindling. To make this necessary part of your spring cleaning safer and easier on your back, here are three tips to keep from injuring your back while chopping firewood this spring.

  • Reduce Your Infertility Issues by Reducing Your Exposure to Environmental Toxins

    Dealing with infertility issues can be a very frustrating and trying experience. Often times, many medical professionals focus just on your reproductive system when addressing infertility. However, as all the systems of your body work together, addressing your other body systems, such as your digestive system and immune system, may help you with your infertility issues as well. Exposure to environmental toxins can negatively impact your digestive system, immune system and your reproductive system.

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    Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

    As an elderly care worker, I have witnessed the deaths of many individuals. I have seen family members become angry, sad, and completely silent at the end. I have also seen individuals refuse to see family members out of denial. People deal with death in different ways, and the strong emotions are often unfamiliar and scary. If you have a parent or grandparent who is elderly, then I want to share with you what I know about end of life care and dying process. We are a society that does not talk about death, and this can cause great pain when a family member dies. Learn about the process and find out how to deal with your own emotions and how to love your family members at the end. If there is only a small amount of time left, then I want you to cherish the final moments.