Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

  • 3 Major Advantages of Medical Inventory Software

    Virtually all healthcare organizations maintain basic organization as a key component of successful service. One of the most important ways in which an organization accomplishes this is through inventory software, which includes counts of everything from huge pieces of medical equipment to the smallest surgical tools. While this seems like an obvious necessity for large hospitals, many smaller clinics may hesitate to adopt inventory software. This is unfortunate because there are so many benefits to using it; keep reading to discover three of the biggest ones.

  • Why Your Elderly Loved One Recovering From Surgery May Benefit From Home Health Services

    When you have an elderly loved one with whom you are close, you may be quite concerned any time they require medical care, particularly if they need to have surgery. After all, surgery can be tough on anyone, but, when a person is elderly and has to go through surgery, it can be more difficult to deal with. If you are concerned about your elderly loved one having surgery and recovering from surgery, get to know some of the possible ways that home health services may be beneficial to them in their recovery process.

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    Summer is a great time of year, and kids especially love this season because they are able to play outside. Playing outside is great for kids, but it also presents some risks, including the risk of getting bit by mosquitoes. If your toddler's mosquito bites swell up, blister, and linger for days or weeks, you may wonder how you can treat these and prevent them. Here are several things you should know about toddlers and mosquito bites.

  • Your Lower Back Pain May Be a Sign of the Shingles Rash Erupting

    Shingles is a viral infection that generally affects only the right or left side of the body. The rash, which may look like a cluster of small blisters, can occur anywhere on your body, but it often wraps around one side of the waist. While the infection causes nerve pain where the rash develops, frequently when individuals with shingles suffer lower back pain, the pain sets in before the skin rash.

  • 3 Tips For Breastfeeding Mothers After Returning To Work

    Breastfeeding is a beautiful time for a mother and baby, and in the first few months of a baby's life many mothers breastfeed on demand. But when maternity leave ends and it is time to go back to work, many mothers are unsure of how to continue breastfeeding. Luckily, there are several ways to ensure that your baby is fed breast milk after you return to work. Use the following tips to make breastfeeding work when you have to be away from your baby:

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    Elderly Care: Helping You Deal With the Dying Process

    As an elderly care worker, I have witnessed the deaths of many individuals. I have seen family members become angry, sad, and completely silent at the end. I have also seen individuals refuse to see family members out of denial. People deal with death in different ways, and the strong emotions are often unfamiliar and scary. If you have a parent or grandparent who is elderly, then I want to share with you what I know about end of life care and dying process. We are a society that does not talk about death, and this can cause great pain when a family member dies. Learn about the process and find out how to deal with your own emotions and how to love your family members at the end. If there is only a small amount of time left, then I want you to cherish the final moments.